Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Super Obama

I've been dying to put this on my blog for weeks now. I may be disappointed in Obama but this is a great illustration, which I made in to a T-shirt, because that's what I do.

The artist is Alex Ross, one of the best in the comic book business if not THE best. The guy paints entire comics. Go to your local comic book store and ask for some books by Alex Ross, you won't be disappointed.

I've been putting Alex's art on T-shirts for Bob Chapman at Graphitti Designs for a long time now and it never gets any easier. His painterly style is the very worst kind of art to transfer into screen printing, too much detail, subtlety and texture for screen printing, so every one is a challenge but still fun because the art is so good.

Anyone who wants a T-shirt can go over to the Graphitti Designs web site, look over on the left for New This Month. Bob will also be at the Sand Diego Comic-Con in a few weeks with quite a few shirts since he sold out of the pretty fast at the Chicago Con last weekend.

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ImagineGate.com said...

We were at Comic Con San Diego today promoting our new Barack Obama Toy and was happily surprised to see this artwork from Alex Ross. My company ImagineGate Toys have been developing the first Barack Obama Superhero toy named, "Captain Obama". When our team first saw the illustration today at Comic Con, we were surprised but absolutely delighted that in some strange way Alex Ross' art and our new toy kind of crossed paths. To set the record straight, Alex Ross is not affiliated with our company nor are we affiliated with his company at all. We had no idea until today that he was pro-Obama and was working on such a piece and I am almost certain that Mr. Alex Ross has no idea who we are since we are a very small company. We were just happy to see such a high profile artist depicting beautiful work on the same idea we have had about Obama. That he is America's superhero. Anyways, we bought a shirt for $18 and a signed litho for $40. We left a Captain Obama flyer with one of the assistants at Mr. Ross' booth for him to check out, discussing the similarities. Maybe he will order one and place it on his desktop. If you want to check out our new toy, you can visit. www.CaptainObama.com or www.ImagineGate.com