Thursday, August 20, 2009

Shaved Aki

There was a down side to letting the cats go outside. I suddenly hear the screech of VERY serious cat fighting and rush over to chase away the white cat with black spots. I'm assuming he is brother to the black one with white spots. There is also an all black one but he hasn't come into the yard yet. I was there in a flash and chased the cat out, screaming at the top of my lungs so the cat wouldn't want to come back but he had already tagged Aki on her back right where the tail meets her back.

A few days later both the black and white ones cornered Caed and this time I was even faster getting there but they both got her, one between the shoulder blades and one on her lower back. I don't let them go out when I'm not here and I go out first to make sure the evil ones aren't around, then I check several times while they are out.

Didn't seem to bother Aki and Caed much though, they went right outside the next day and rolled in the grass. But a few days ago Aki started acting a little lethargic. On Monday I picked her up and got a meow of pain and I noticed she was swollen where the cat clawed her. So I took her to the vet yesterday and she said it was an abscess and they had to do surgery to clean the puss out. I left her for the day and she was pretty groggy when I picked her up, after spending $400 I felt kind of groggy too.

She doesn't seem lethargic any more and her appetite has come back, she's also been very affectionate. Things like that make me wonder what cats think about these things. Does she think I saved her and brought her home from a dangerous situation where she got wounded and is thanking me? Or does she just want to get in to my good graces so I don't do that to her again? Just how deep can a cat's smooth little brain think?

I think she is thanking me for bringing her home safe but without clear thoughts of what actually happened. I think she also knows she is feeling better and that I must have fixed it somehow.

No going outside for a few days.

Caed seems fine.

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