Friday, December 18, 2009


Obama got totally dissed by the Chinese today in Copenhagen, to a degree that would never have happened in the pre-Bushian world. But good ole George lowered the bar so far world leaders think they can fuck with us now. It really makes my blood boil to see an American president treated that way, how far we have fallen. On the plus side Obama seemed to have rallied a bit and got a conversation going, but afterwards he looked visibly shaken. Rachel and Andrea Mitchell report:

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And then there is Senator Inhofe. He wanted to go there and talk about global warming being a hoax. No one wanted to listen to him and one reporter called him ridiculous. Man, that's all we need, more embarrassing Americans abroad:

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John_poson26 said...

We’ve lost so much credibility in the world; simply changing our leader won’t restore a single ounce of it. We are seen as a nation of mind-less Christian loons, being controlled by the interests, of big business. Obama needs to publicly denounce those who have been bought and paid for by the big oil companies, who then deny global warming, and are calling it a hoax, as the ignorant liars, that they are! Other country’s still see our leaders as just being whores for big business!

KevinBBG said...

Unfortunately Obama has been bought by big business too, that's why health care is doing so badly and why there have been so few regulations on banking so far.

Around the world the American Joke has taken the place of the Polish Joke because they think we are really stupid. Seriously.