Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Good Side of George Bush

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Of course I hated Bush and just about everything he did, but last Sunday on 60 Minutes they did a story that surprised me. It was about probably Bush’s one great success and something that was a great humanitarian deed that I don’t think won Bush many points at home. I never heard about and I pay attention to these things, so very few Americans would know it happened.

It has to do with AIDS in Africa. The Bush administration set up a program to get generic anti-retrovirals to Africans with AIDS. This has saved many lives, prevented much suffering, and has changed many minds about America for the better. A great success all around. Republicans, spending money to save the lives of poor, dark people in another country, and they sought no political points for it, amazing.

I practically cried when I heard it, because I was so glad something good came out of the Bush regime. All their actions weren’t pure evil, damaging America and the world around us. They did one thing that was simply a good, caring thing to do.

Unlike that America-hating Rush Limbaugh I NEVER want to see my president fail, because that means my country has failed as well and will usually be damaged by it. But Rush doesn’t care about America, he cares about himself, his money and conservative values and couldn’t care less if he brought America down as long as those 3 things - in that order - were preserved.

As for me, I’ll salute Bush and give him the respect he is due for this one, very great thing.

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