Monday, June 28, 2010

What Obama Has Done

He's been busy, Rachel Maddow goes over the list and it's impressive. A lot of progressives are upset because of the things he didn't do and seem to forget what he has done. Even something as simple as removing the ban on stem cell research shows why we need a Democratic president over a Republican one. Obama didn't put the public option in the new health care bill, which is serious but no one has been able to do as much since Johnson passed Medicare back in 1964. Yes, there have been disappointments but I'm not sure any other president could have done more under the circumstances.

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vjack said...

My argument is not that he hasn't accomplished anything. I think he's accomplished a great deal. My argument is that I believe that all he has done pales in comparison to his refusal to hold Dick Cheney accountable for war crimes. I believe that this represents a serious moral failure that casts a shadow over his presidency and will do so until it is rectified.

KevinBBG said...

I agree that he should have done that. If Nixon had been prosecuted for Watergate and Reagan/Bush for Iran/Contra, we might not have had the problems with the Bushies that we did have. They would be fearful of jail time.

My main points for mentioning what he has done is because a lot of people keep asking what the heck he's done, Obama & his people are bad at promoting themselves, Obama prefers to be quietly competent, but no politician should do that.

The second reason is all the people who have said there is no difference between the parties. Obama hasn't lived up to the unrealistic hope many had for him and he appears to be bought by big business. But a list of the things he's done are all things no Republican president would ever do and people need to be reminded that there really is a big difference between the parties and it's still worthwhile to vote for a Democrat. Even if the Democrats aren't perfect.