Monday, September 13, 2010

Vote Democratic!!!

Why, you ask? Look at this chart below, this alone is more than enough reason:

The blue lines show how much more we will all make under Democrat rule. Unless you are in the top 5% - those making over $200,000 a year - you WANT the democrats in and should dread the idea of Republicans gaining power again. Look at how bad it’s been lately, that all came from Republican policies going back 30 years but topped off by 8 years of George Bush

And make no mistake, Obama’s stimulus worked, it kept the economy from going over the cliff. It’s hard to make the argument that it would have been much worse without the stimulus, but I’d like to think most human beings are capable of at least that much abstract thought. We would all be in the second great depression right now if it wasn't for Obama.

What will the Republicans do if back in power? Tax cuts for the wealthy and subpoenas for everyone, shutting the government down. If tax cuts created jobs we wouldn’t be in this mess now because the tax cuts have ALREADY been there for 10 years and fewer jobs were created under George Bush's watch than any other president.

If you look at the chart you will notice that even the top 95% make more under Democrats, so why do the rich support Republicans? Because Republicans will lower tax rates. The majority of the money made by millionaires and billionaires comes from investments, which are taxed at a straight 15% rate. It used to be 20% under Clinton, so they have been making out like bandits over the past ten years. And instead of saying “OK, we’ve done really well for the past ten years, we should turn it around and help the lower 95% get a bigger cut of the pie, that’s only fair, after all.” What they really say is “KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF MY MONEY AAAARRRGGGGHHHH!!!!”

So vote Democratic if you want your income to go up, vote Republican if you want it to do down. And remember that while the tax breaks for everyone are over at the end of this year Obama wants to lock them in place permanently for everyone making under $200,000, but letting the tax breaks end for the top 95%. The Republicans want to continue with the tax breaks for the wealthy and are threatening to not vote for middle-class tax relief by itself. Those tax breaks for the wealthy mean an extra $100,000 per each million of income in the pocket of millionaires.


Anonymous said...

Personally, I think a person's money belongs to them. The government or no one else has a right to a person's money.

Why SHOULD the higher incomes be taxed more? Why do WE have any right to their money? Why should their money be given to people who didn't earn or work for it?

If you think about this logically, the fact that they have more of it, doesn't make it any less "theirs."

Just like I wouldn't want anyone stealing from me, I wouldn't want anyone stealing from any income bracket.

I'm an atheist, I'm gay, but I'll never vote for a democrat as long as they continue to support theft from people in the form of taxes.

Anonymous said...

As a gay atheist myself, I question the honesty of your post. The environment for making money here is heavily subsidized and clickish and making money and keeping it is much easier once you already have it. And don't even get me started on corporate special rights and blasphemous "personhood". If they had been paying a fair portion all along maybe things would be different, but this is ludicrous to say it is just theirs and the govt which protects them and their interests has no right to some of it. If you want government it has to be funded and seeing as how it is primarily about money and property protection for the haves it is more than fair for them to be forced to stop cheating on their taxes and pay a share appropriate to their income level. Not that that is ever likely to happen since both parties are pretty corporatist.

KevinBBG said...

No man is an island. The rich make money because there is an overall infrastructure that is good to business. It is the rich who reap the biggest benefits from what we all have created so they should pay the most. The rich make more because they have rigged the game.

And if we don't tax them we are headed for 3rd world status. We already have the lowest taxes in the 1st world, that is why everybody else rates better than we do.

Low taxes favor the rich and screw the middle class. Money WILL be redistributed in a modern society, it's just a question of what makes more sense; to send it to the rich who have more than they need, or to send it to the poor and middle class who are struggling to stay afloat. The rich put extra money in off shore accounts to avoid taxes, the rest of the public has to spend all they make, which stimulates the economy.

Inequality of wealth is a large part of all our problems.