Saturday, January 13, 2007

10 myths—and 10 truths—about atheism

I was just re-reading my post on atheism on my commentary blog and once again I'm reminded that - damn, I'm good! So I thought I would post the link again and put one of my favorite parts here:

Here In The Future

The general stance of most atheists is that we require proof of a proposition before we will accept it, science is really the only method to gain that proof in most cases. Guesswork or ancient mythology doesn't cut it. The people who wrote the bible didn't know the Earth was round or that the stars in the sky were really distant suns, clearly they were abysmal cosmologists, why in the world would we accept their cosmological expertise as to the origin of the universe? Or about anything in the universe since then? Science is the systematic methodology for finding out about the universe and how things work. More has become known in the last one hundred years of scientific research than the previous 10,000 years of faith based knowledge. It isn't hard to figure out which method works and which one is a complete failure.

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