Monday, January 1, 2007

The New Year

It is now 2007, I'm continually amazed by this. I remember as a kid thinking that I would be 46 when the year 2000 came along and that was FOREVER.

But most important to me this year as it has been the last few years is that Darcy is still with me. She was given 2-4 years to live 13 years ago, had a lung transplant 8.5 years ago, and is still here. The other 4 people transplanted with her at the same hospital in the same month all died 3 years ago. So each New Year I'm enormously happy that she is still here to celebrate with me, and the fact that New Year's Eve is her birthday makes the celebration better.

Now I'm especially worried, it has only been a matter of time before we could no longer dodge the bullet and she has been ill for some months now. Nothing serious but constant, so she is continually getting weaker. Worst is the doctors can't find anything which might mean the meds are simply wearing her down, that's the one thing we can never beat. And if they can't find anything wrong they can't do anything for her, so she just keeps getting weaker. There are still more specialist for her to see this year so maybe that will help.

I can see the steady toll all her many and dangerous meds are taking on her, both physically and mentally, and she is now 59 years old. I just hope she will be with me on the next new year.


Village Green said...

Be strong, Kev and Darcy! I'm a rooting for ya!


KevinBBG said...

Thanks. All we can do is keep going, we've been doing that for years now.