Thursday, June 28, 2007

Al Gore for President

On Alternet is an article about why Al Gore should run for president.

The majority of my Democratic friends have devoted most of their attentions to the three avowed front-runners -- Clinton, Obama, and John Edwards. Yet during the last six months or so, whenever I've asked them whom they would choose if they were choosing between four candidates -- Clinton, Obama, Edwards, and Al Gore -- probably 90 percent have told me, in a heartbeat, that they'd go for Gore.

If that is true that's very encouraging. So I want to write an open letter to Al Gore.

Dear Al:

How are you? You've looked good on the last few TV appearances I've seen, and I've heard you are on a diet and working out. Of course I'm here to talk about why you should run for president. Seems like a bad idea on the surface, life is good for you right now, you are more popular than you have ever been and have managed, practically single-handedly, to completely change the political discourse on global warming. So why should you run?

Because both you and the country need the world's greatest do-over. I doubt if there is anyone outside of the fanatical right wingers who doesn't feel that you should have been president, and that we'd be in so much better shape right now if you had been. How often does an entire country get a chance to correct a horrible mistake? The reason the presidential race has moved up so dramatically to be started far earlier than ever before is that the entire nation just wants Bush out of there and would rather focus on his successor than deal with what he is doing right now.

Then there is the fact of the terrible damage Bush and his people have done to America as a whole. You are the best man to undo much of that damage, you are the one who could rally most of America behind you and get things done. And I also think that your running would energize the Democratic party and assure their full control of both branches of Congress.

And it isn't just the fact that you can heal the American psyche, you are also the best man to be president of all the other candidates - by far. And take Obama as your VP. The country needs President Al Gore.

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