Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Harry Dresden

I went and picked up Dresden Files #2 a couple of weeks ago even though I was less than thrilled with number one. This one is Fool Moon, all about werewolves, liked this one much better. Harry still got beaten, battered and shot throughout the book but it made more sense this time and didn't come off making him look pathetic, like he was lucky to be alive, let alone come out the victor. In this one he was facing some really difficult situations that anyone would have trouble with, but if he doesn't get better at not getting hurt he isn't going to be alive much longer. Like a quarterback who shortens his career because he runs more than he passes and gets tackled a lot. Of course, with Michael Vicki it really didn't matter in the long run, career is over anyway.

I was at the bookstore yesterday and was surprised that I made a bee line straight to the B's for Jim Butcher to see if I could find book three. I did, Grave Peril,
and bought it right then and there. Usually I wait to order online because it's cheaper but I didn't want to wait, I wanted to start reading it last night. Guess I liked #2 more than I thought. I really wasn't thinking about Dresden at all and was at the bookstore purely by accident. It surprised me how quickly I scooped up the book and how much was I'm looking forward to reading it last night.

Also picked up a copy of Skeptic only to find they have a book review of Dawkins “The God Delusion” by, amazingly, Deepak Chopra. I tried to talk myself into this being a good thing, you know, the hearing both sides argument, but I couldn't buy it and am much annoyed that they would put in Skeptic.

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