Sunday, July 29, 2007

Tidbits #2

If I was a joiner I'd join up with the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) because I've read Dan Barker's book and because of the commercials for it on Air America with Janeane Garofalo. I love how she ends the commercial: "Proud to be an atheist - Janeane Garofalo." I like how she makes extra effort to make her atheism clear and known to all. Way to go, girl!

Macenstein is an interesting web site I just found that is all about Macs.

Well, not ALL about Macs, they do have Mac Chick of the Month:
"This month we present you with the lovely Andrea Grant, a fashion model and Camel Cigarette girl who also happens to be a comic book author, in addition to being an Apple fan." A model who smokes and likes Mac's and comic books - fantastic!

Ally stories: She's 6.5 now and a definite - and odd - personality is beginning to emerge. But if there is anyone who appreciates odd it's me. Both grandkids were staying over last weekend. At night we sent them into the bedroom to watch TV while Darcy and I watched the good TV in the living room. When we were ready for bed we would move them back to the couch for the night. Ally, holding her pillow, blanket and stuffed rabbit, walks up to Darcy and says: "GrandDarcy, if I'm asleep when you move me I need my head on the pillow, my rabbit in my arms and my blanket over me." She was very intense and somber when she said it, showing the degree of importance she put on these detailed instructions. Later in the week she is driving around with her mom, who is SuperMom and always has them doing something, when she suddenly says: "Mom, why don't we go home and be lazy? We never get to be lazy."

What an amazing week for news. I'm so glad for Keith Olbermann and DVR. I've got the timer to record Countdown and watch him when I get home an hour or two later. He's the only one on TV actually doing real news. This week we had Alberto Gonzales blatantly lie to the Senate and they are talking about perjury charges against him, then they issued a subpoena for Karl Rove, as well as contempt of congress charges against Harriet Miers and Joshua Bolten, the current Chief of Staff to Bush. But Bush has ordered the Justice department to do nothing about these things. I would see this as a showdown but we know congress will cave and it will all be for nothing because they are so spineless.

I've talked about Transmit before but I just learned something new about it - droplets. I knew they could be done but didn't really appreciate what it was. But now that I have my own domain with lots of disk space I'm using a folder just for my blog pictures so I don't link to someone's site and cause problems and so I'm not filling up my limited Blogger disk space. So I made a droplet for it, I just drag and drop each picture to the droplet and Transmit immediately connects to the right folder on my site and drops off the image then quits. Just takes seconds.

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Unions of great wealth control both left and right, christian and athiest, and humanism too. The only moral person is the free thinker.