Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Hillary Done?

Can we stick a fork in her? Yeah, I'd say so. The pundits say she would have to win 65-70% of the vote in Texas, Ohio and Pennsylvania and that's impossible. Obama's momentum has been incredible and it keeps growing, and his campaign seems to be extremely well organized while her's is not.

I feel sorry for her, it's not that she's run a bad campaign, it's not that she's an inadequate candidate, she just had the bad luck to run in the same year Obama ran. The problem is that HE is just that good, at least at getting people excited. Democrats have turned out at the polls with almost twice the number of voters as Republicans, and Obama is also claiming most of the independents. If Obama can keep this level of excitement up the November election should be a blowout.

I sure wish I had her to vote for in 2004 rather than John Kerry. He was a pretty weak candidate and that is being generous, Hillary would have blown him away. But she waited one more cycle, not realizing Barack Obama was waiting for her in 2008. Who could have known that. Obama is a phenomenon, just being good isn't enough. I just hope he can actually get things done when he gets into office. I still have serious doubts about his level of experience but I hope I'm wrong.

If Hillary is smart, and can swallow her pride and not go negative in the next two weeks, she should become Obama's VP. She can be his Cheney, his behind the scenes knife fighter. That way she can add her experience to the ticket.

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