Saturday, February 2, 2008

Super Tuesday

Big decision coming up and for once California is in the thick of things. In the past it's always been over before we had our primary, very frustrating. But now I have another dilemma, who to vote for? John Edwards has always been my man, he was the only one who seemed to understand that the country is run by the corporations and rich and they were all stomping on the poor and middle-class in a big way. And he was the only one mad about it, as mad as I am.

My first thought was that I had to go for Obama since he is the more liberal of the 2 left, but then I got this link from a friend that put all that in doubt. I'm not sure how accurate this is but I've seen enough that made me question Obama's liberal leanings already. Several searches on it have muddied the water further, some say he's more liberal some say Hillary is.

Then there is the question of who will win. Will Americans elect a black man with the name of Barack Hussein Obama? Will they elect a woman who also happens to be Hillary Clinton? Lots of people hate her, for no good reason in my opinion, but it exists all the same. I could make damn good arguments either way and I could make damn good arguments of what each one's advantage in the race would be.

Barack is young and dynamic and can inspire the young people to come to the polls, Hillary is tough and experienced and has the political backing and election machine to get it done. I just keep going in circles, all scenarios could happen and we won't know which one will actually happen until the election.

Been watching speeches all day on CNN. Oddly enough, Hillary has been more dynamic and magnetic than Obama today. Most important for me is she came right out today and said her ultimate goal is universal health care, not even Edwards said that, and Obama's health plan is a little too far to the right. His response to the current economic crisis was luke-warm as well, far too much of a Republican tint to it, let the market work it out crap that we all know only favors the rich.

And once they are in office who will be more effective? Hillary claims the experience and she has it, more experienced than most of our presidents have been, including Bill. I've heard that as Senator of New York she has worked tirelessly for the people of New York and been very effective. Obama is one of the least experienced to ever run for president. About the same age as Kennedy but Jack had 13 years as a Congressmen and Senator under his belt when he ran. And yet, Obama put together an impressive political machine very quickly when he decided to run and raised money like crazy, showing an incredible degree of competence. He's almost matched what Hillary had years to create, that's damn impressive.

If I knew Obama was going to take Edwards on as VP that might seal my vote, or even if Edwards comes out and supports him, seems odd to me that he hasn't. If I knew that if Hillary won she would take on Obama as VP I could go for that. That could give us a 16 year democratic dynasty. Might almost be enough to overcome the tremendous damage Bush has done to this country, damage I'm not sure we can recover from at all. Or even Edwards as VP would work.

I've been saying I won't vote for Hillary because she's been bought by the corporate lobbyists, but that is iffy because the only reason Obama hasn't been totally bought yet is because he's still new. Give him some time and I think he would sell out to a greater degree than Hillary. In fact, I almost think that once Hillary is in office she will feel like she has arrived and will feel like she can give the corporations the finger and do what she wants because she will have already achieved her biggest ambition and doesn't need them any more.

I tend to think Obama has a better chance of getting elected and still lean towards the idea of him being more liberal, but he is always vague when he talks, never really makes heavy promises or gives details. While Hillary does give details, like stating flat out that she wants to aim towards universal health care. That statement alone might just get my vote.

I have a feeling I'll be mulling this over all the way to the polling place on Tuesday. But right now I think I'm leaning towards Hillary, health care is the single, most important issue for me.


Village Green said...

Wow, Kevin! Never thought I'd be reading such words on your blog! Anyway, you do still have some days to go to keep considering. And what is really cool is that maybe this time, even those of us in Ohio will be making votes that matter in the primary. I've always hated that the primary season ended before the vast majority of us got to weigh in.

KevinBBG said...

My only complaint about Hillary was that she is too conservative, but if Obama is even more so then we don't have too many choices. The only real progressives in the race were Kucinich and Edwards and the corporate media quite successfully eliminated both of them.

In some ways I think I might be equating Hillary with Bill, who many call the best Republican president we ever had. Nafta was a corporate handout that screwed both the American worker and the Mexican worker and some think is responsible for the huge number of illegal immigrants in the US today. Nafta destroyed an already bad Mexican economy and forced many to seek work here as their only option.

Hopefully, Hillary is more liberal than Bill was. But even if she isn't, if she at least gets a working health care system going that will be worth my vote, and her ideas are better than Obama's (she stole them from Edwards, I give her credit for knowing a good thing when she saw it).