Tuesday, December 2, 2008

It's Official

We ARE in a recession and have been since LAST December. Boy, what a relief, now I know I'm not just a whiner.

The Big 3 auto makers are heading back to Washington to beg for money. This time they are going to drive there in hybrid cars. Each taking a private jet to go to Congress, hats in hand to beg for taxpayer money, was such a bad idea you have to wonder why it never occurred to even one of them that they shouldn't do it. It's because the rich live in a bubble and don't have a clue what it is like down in the trenches. I did hear that for one of them part of the plan is for him to take one dollar in annual salary until they are solvent again, guess he got the message.

And the auto workers are not to blame for the dismal state of companies. The idea that the average salary is $75 an hour is a blatant lie spread by Republicans. What they did is take all salaries, all medical benefits, all retirees and THEIR medical benefits, and add them together then divide it by the number of actually worked hours. One guy announced this in the news and everybody took it up and spouted it like it was true without ever checking. The truth is the average auto worker hourly wage is $26. This is only $54,080 a year, not exactly a huge salary. And if they were making $75 per hour that would still be peanuts compared to the millions the top execs take when they are the ones making the decisions that got them into trouble.

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