Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year’s Eve

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - DECEMBER 31:  Fireworks ex...Image by Getty Images via DaylifeThis is definitely my worst year ever, which would have been true of any year when Darcy died. Thinking I was OK was a bit premature, I think I was just stunned when it all happened and now it’s had a chance to seep in. I’ve started having little moments of panic, scared of facing the world without her, but then I think that over the past 2 years I’m the one who was taking care of everything by myself.

But not only did Darcy pass away last week but this was her worst year, ever since the accident last March 1st, where the van company broke her back, she’s just been desperately ill and unable to bounce back for first time in 15 years. They did her in and they aren’t even going to pay very much for it, but they will pay something. She really suffered pretty badly during that time, so sick she was in bed all the time except to go to dialysis. And I would come home from work and go to bed with her and watch TV, just so we could spend as much time together as possible.

We settled the law suit the Thursday before she died. It’s much smaller than I would have liked but it was all I could get. At least I won’t have to worry about money for a while if I don’t change anything and don’t start buying lots of stuff. I need a couple of new Wacom tablets and maybe the $900 MacBook. But that is it.

I’m thinking of downsizing to a one bedroom apartment and hopefully knock off a few hundred dollars per month. Have to prepare for tough times in the future because things aren’t going to be getting any better.

Last New Year’s I posted how I really hope Darcy makes it to this one but I didn’t think she would. She missed it by 9 days. Today would have been her 61st birthday.

It was an incredible year for politics, though. I became a real political junkie, watching all the TV shows and listening to Air America all day long. America elected it’s first black president, and the economy has collapsed in such a way as to show just how awful Republican economics really is - a total failure in every possible way. Unless you are very rich then you can steal from the government and the middle class.
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Village Green said...

Hey Kevin -- Your blog is one of my top ten for 2008. See the post at the Village Green.

I emailed Ags about rejoining Happy Hour but have not heard from him. Would you mind passing the word in case he didn't get my email.

yer pal

KevinBBG said...

I saw the post and was just about to leave a comment.

We haven't had a comment from Agno in weeks, I figured they were off on a trip.

I think he set up something automatic that if you send an email to faithless you will be back on the list. Try it and see.

Village Green said...

I just tried and it bounced. Well he's bound to turn up sooner or later.

KevinBBG said...

Faithless has stopped working, nothing is going through. I emailed Agno on another account and I've gotten no response from him yet.

Even when they are on a trip he usually checks in.