Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The New Year

Here it is 2008. As I said in 2007 I'm continually amazed by these dates. We are actually in the 21st Century. Doesn't look anything like the artist's rendering of the future in magazines in the 50's and 60's. My granddaughter Ally will be 7 on January 7. This means she has never lived in a time when the yearly date didn't begin with a 2.

What I also said in 2007 was I hoped Darcy would still be around for this New Year because I could see she wasn't looking too good. Too many years past her lung transplant, all those heavy duty meds were taking their toll.

Little did I know how right I was. She spent close to all of the last 6 months in the hospital and got down to skin and bones, too weak to even lift herself up into a sitting position in a bed with railing. Twice I thought she only had a day or two left but she pulled through each time. She is now on dialysis because the drugs have completely destroyed her kidneys and has been home for 3 weeks. A week ago she surprised me by getting out of bed and walking to the living room by herself. I didn't even know she had done it until I walked in there and saw her on the couch.

So she has beat the odds again, as she has so many times in the past 15 years since her first diagnosis of a fatal lung disease. I think both of us are pretty sure she won't make it to 2009. The trick for times like these is to live in denial, don't think about it and just enjoy each day that you have. All those self help gurus got it all wrong, denial is a great thing and living in the moment really sucks. If you ever have to do it you will know what I mean.

But here is something to get the new year started off right:

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