Thursday, January 3, 2008

Iowa 2008

The news people are just so excited and having so much fun today. Nothing they like better than a tight race to increase their ratings.

Just saw David Gregory interviewing Edwards and he said that Obama says that we need someone to unite us and not be divisive. My thought was fuck that shit!! I want the neocons crushed like the bugs they are so they all scurry back into the deep, dark, dank holes they should never have crawled out from. And so completely crushed they would be afraid to show their faces for decades.

Edwards said he couldn't disagree more, he sees his job as president is to fight for the American people against the corporate interests and those people are not going to just go away and you are not going to "nice" them away.

Awright, John!! Of course, that means he's done for even if he wins Iowa. The corporate media will HowardDean him big time and sink his entire candidacy. They will hate him more than any other candidate.

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