Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Economy

Edwards is my man because he's the only one who talks about the 2 Americas. Rich Republicans don't even believe it exists, or if they do just don't care, they got theirs. The well paid, fat cat media doesn't relate to it either, but anyone living in that second America, the poor one, or the middle class one who is one disaster away from homelessness, knows exactly what he is talking about. And the worst cause of concern is health insurance, people pay a lot of money for it or don't have it at all and are worried that they will soon be in big trouble. But there isn't much point in paying a lot for health insurance because as soon as you come down with something serious they will refuse to cover you.

Here is something from Alternet:
Democrat John Edwards and Republican Mike Huckabee are the messengers of class politics in this election - the Huey Longs as I called them a while back. As Reuters today reports:

"Ask corporate lobbyists which presidential contender is most feared by their clients and the answer is almost always the same -- Democrat John Edwards...Edwards' tone and language on the campaign trail have increased business antipathy toward him. His stump speeches are peppered with attacks on "corporate greed" and warnings of "the destruction of the middle class.'...But this year Edwards is not alone. Republican candidate Mike Huckabee, former governor of Arkansas, sometimes also rails against corporate power and influence, tapping a populist current that lies just below the surface of U.S. politics."
On the Democratic side, Edwards class-based campaign has pushed candidates like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama to lately vent more populist themes (though Obama's underlying message remains class-averse). That stands in contrast to the Republican side, where the rest of the field against Huckabee is digging in promoting more Bush-style upper-class warfare.

Even if Edwards doesn't get the nomination he deserves a lot of credit for changing what the top 2 are talking about. More and more they keep taking Edwards' issues and using them as their own. I don't think either would have come out with major health insurance reform if Edwards hadn't done it first. Now they are stealing his talking points on the economy.

Edwards deserves the nomination and would get it if he got the publicity the other two got. But the corporate media doesn't like him because they know he will not be friendly and expand their markets. The reporters are all well paid and just can't relate to his message, plus they think Hillary and Obama are better stories. They may be right but because we have such a shoddy media (if not downright corrupt) the man who should be our next president isn't going to get the chance.

Although I wouldn't right him off yet, he's tough. Simply the fact that the corporate lobbyists are scared of him is enough reason to vote for him.

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