Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Nation Building Begins At Home

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Obama is now thinking about whether or not to send another 40,000 troops to Afghanistan. I say forget that, we need health care here at home.

We are losing 45,000 people every year due to lack of insurance, that’s 15 times the number of people that were killed in the one, single event that was 9/11. Yet everyone went batshit crazy over 9/11 and is STILL crazy about it, but no one gives a damn about 15 times that many dying every year - not in a single event but every, single year; year after year. That means 405,000 dead Americans since those 3,000 people died in 9/11.

We have spent at least 1 trillion dollars on Iraq and Afghanistan in the last 9 years at the most conservative estimate, it was likely quite a bit more than that. And it doesn’t count the aftercosts - like the medical bills for all the wounded vets and replacing all the equipment that got used up by the bombs and desert sands.

Enough to provide health care - WITH a public option - for the next ten years. Yet every one is going crazy on the second trillion but don’t seem the least bit upset about the first trillion. In fact, they want to spend still more and I don’t hear anyone complaining about our debt when it comes to wars overseas.

We have spent one trillion dollars to avenge 3,000 people, but we can’t spend that same amount to save 405,000 of our own citizens.

No enemy can ever inflict as much damage on us as we do to ourselves. America is one sick country.

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