Thursday, February 25, 2010


"Cheney Satan '08"Image by via Flickr

Cheney had his 5th heart attack a couple of days ago and survived it. I get the feeling that if he died no one would be able to tell the difference, he would look and sound the same.

Dick first got his government insurance back in 1967, before his first heart attack. Isn’t it funny how Republicans LOVE their own government-run insurance plans but it’s evil to give that to the rest of us? Hahaha! Fucking funny as hell.

If Dick was an average guy like you and me he would have died by his 3rd heart attack because by then his insurance company would have refused coverage because it’s a pre-existing condition. Or else Dick would have lost everything paying for the things insurance won’t cover to the point where he could no longer pay his insurance premiums so they would have dropped him.

I bet Dick never loses a single night’s sleep thinking about those of us out here in America for whom a heart attack is fatal because we can’t pay for it.

If only we had that evil, socialist, government-run health insurance that Dick has.

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