Thursday, February 11, 2010

Global Warming

I am so sick of all the Right Wingnuts ranting about how the storm in Washington DC disproves global warming. Most of the time I think those people know they are lying but do it anyway because all their fortunes and power are based on a specific set of lies, the truth is their enemy. But this time I think they really are ignorant of the facts and willfully maintain that ignorance.

If anything the worst storm in Washington in living memory is clear evidence in support of global warming. The warming refers to the ENTIRE globe, not little sections of it. Whatever “weather” is happening in any one section of the globe does not speak to global “climate.”

Note the phrases Local Weather and Global Climate, two very different things.

But a really bad storm would be caused by global warming. The extra warmth puts more energy into the weather systems and also causes more evaporation of water which makes the air more humid. So what do you get with increased energy to drive the weather and greater moisture? Record snow storms in places that get snow, exactly like what is happening now.

At some future date it’s entirely possible that all snow across the globe is gone but there will be a lot fewer people around to complain about it.

The wingnuts have doomed their own children and grandchildren to live in a world where things keep getting progressively worse, where droughts and blazing heat, vicious snow storms and massive hurricanes are all the norm, making life difficult for a lot of people. And why are they doing it? For money. They don’t give a damn about their own decedents or are incapable of projecting their imaginations that far ahead.

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Frymastermeat said...

The Fox News punditry's reaction to this is a great thing to point to as a case for why these types of political shows are damaging to the public. These people(Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity were most prevalent in this case as usual) KNOW that they are lying! This is what pisses me off more than anything about these guys.

I'm here in the middle(which is still basically far left of these neo-cons) practically begging for a mature political discussion with the right, and they are lock-step in line with people like this who are clearly misleading them. Conservatives just love talking trash about liberal pundits like Olbermann and Maddow, yet(as far as I know) you don't see Beck rebroadcasting soundbites of their shows as punchlines to a joke because thankfully they never cross over into that realm of propaganda and foolishness. They back up their points with facts and actual analysis. Beck seems to get his information from Dan Brown and the writers of the "National Treasure" movies.

They should take note that intelligent independents like myself are catching on to this and I can't imagine many of us voting Republican and being able to sleep at night anymore thinking that the people we put in office are driven by motives that include bringing us nearer to some mythical "Armageddon".

KevinBBG said...

Fry: Thanks for your comment. It certainly seems to me that most people should be fed up with the right by now, and independents especially. In fact the Republican ranks have lost many people to independent status, to the point where the amount of people who identify as a Republican is down to 19%.

Then I look at Scott Brown's election win in Massachusetts and I have to wonder WTF? Lots on independents in that state and they have been electing Ted Kennedy, one of the most liberal of all senators, for 40 years. He dies and they give his seat to a Republican? I don't get it.