Tuesday, July 20, 2010


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I don't own an iPhone and never have, that's because I'm with Verizon where I have no dropped calls or reception problems at all in the last ten years.

Steve Jobs showed everyone how other smart phones had the same problem, that it's perfectly normal. So I took out my VerizonBlackberry Storm and covered it with BOTH hands in multiple places to see if I got a drop in bars. Nothing. I completely covered the thing with both hands and it never went down from 5 bars at all.

I think it's clear that it's ATT that's the problem, which is why I don't have an iPhone. The rumor is Verizon will have them in January 2011 if that is true then I will get one. Works out perfectly for me since my contract is up in November.

I think I will wait a month, after it comes out, though, to make sure there are no major problems.

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vjack said...

AT&T certainly is a problem. I just dropped them for Verizon. But testing with the new iPhone suggests that the "grip of death" issue is indeed a design flaw. I'm not sure if I'd get an iPhone if they came to Verizon or not. Interesting to ponder. I wonder if it will ever happen.

KevinBBG said...

As I said in the post I tried covering up my Verizon Blackberry and never lost a bar, which makes me think the problem is with ATT more than Apple.

I definitely want one if they come to Verizon, I love my iPod Touch so I know I will love the iPhone. My Blackberry sucks at everything except reception.

But since my cell is my only phone, both for business and home it has to work. I've talked to a couple of friends here in Orange County with iPhones and they both agree that ATT sucks. One of them already went out and bought the new iPhone, the other says he will wait until there is a Verizon phone.

Jennifer said...


I clicked around on your blog to find a place where I could just contact you (not AOL), but I didn't see it. So, I am just commenting on this Steve Jobs blog.

I am a seminary student (Lutheran), and I just love your blog. I am far left with regard to politics, so I click with much of what you write and links you post.

I have deep faith now, but that was not always the case. And I believe that doubt is a fundamental part of faith. As I was reading some of your entries and so enjoying your insights and opinions, I was wondering if you get angry comments from hyper religious people. I think that's what made me want to contact you. I guess I just want to say that I am a Christian woman, studying to be an ordained pastor, and I am moved by your blog.

Wishing you peace,