Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Story of Eggs

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Tuesday morning I got sick as a dog, spent all morning in the bathroom, throwing up and other things. Finally went to bed around 11am and slept straight through until 4 pm. I was just out of it. I figured I must have developed an allergy to eggs suddenly. I might have had a fever but it's hard to tell with me since my internal temp fluctuates between 96 and 101 for no apparent reason and with no symptoms, so I usually don't bother to take my temp any more.

Wednesday night I hear the news blurb "Egg recall, story at 11." I didn't stay up until 11, still feeling pretty bad, so I watched the news in the morning and got the story; 300 million eggs recalled because of salmonella poisoning. That explains it I guess, it was a Ralph's brand. The funny part is that the eggs on Monday were the last three of the dozen.

I had some stomach gurgling after eating the other eggs but nothing too serious. Since I have IBS and get sick all the time anyway some extra gurgling doesn't get much attention. I wonder if the salmonella had time to multiple in those last 3 eggs after being in my fridge for a week?

Still not feeling great today and have no desire for lunch, although yesterday I had some pepperoni pizza. I always want awful foods when I get sick, I don't know why, maybe craving the grease? I donno.

Anyway, I'm off eggs for quite some time now, maybe forever. Even toast, which I ate with the eggs on Monday, sounds bad right now.

Fun times.

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