Friday, August 13, 2010


In the PinkImage by dragon762w via Flickr

I use Zemanta to add content to my blog posts, such as pictures. I've been having problems with it after switching to Chrome so I uninstalled it.

Now I've reinstalled it, so I know I have the latest version, but I suspect the problem is with Chrome, the Google browser doesn't work well with the Google Blogger.

Why this picture? Why the hell not? I have no idea who that is but it caught my eye ;)

Edit: Well it worked as far as publishing, which is where my problem was. I was getting error messages for illegal HTML code. heck, Blogger adds the code on it's own. I am still having a weird problem, I can't hit Return and move down the page for a new paragraph. I have to start the paragraph, then back space to the start of the paragraph, THEN his return.

Then it works. What a hassle. Much as I like Chrome I might have to use Firefox whenever blogging.

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