Friday, January 7, 2011

The Verizon iPhone

Image representing iPhone as depicted in Crunc...Image via CrunchBaseAs a Mac guy I've wanted an iPhone ever since they first came out, but I was also a Verizon man and the iP{hone was only available with AT&T. The reception for Verizon here in Orange County is fantastic, AT&T, not so much. We had AT&T and hated them, ever since switching to Verizon many years ago I've had no thought at all of ever switching from them.

But the iPhone tempted me. I really considered switching to AT&T but I did a mini survey among my iPhone-possessing friends and the consensus was that AT&T really, REALLY sucked. 2 people even said they would suffer the cancellation fees at AT&T just to get a Verizon iPhone.

Now, it seems like it's just about here. Verizon has sent out invitations to selected press people for next Tuesday, which has the fun date of 1/11/11. This is weird because CES, the Consumer Electronics Show, is going on right now. Verizon made many announcements of new products, mostly Android phones, so why have another announcement 2 days after the show closes?

The iPhone is the only answer. There have been rumors over the last few days that Apple has restricted vacations for their Apple Store personnel for the end of January and the beginning of February. This was very recently narrowed down to Feb 3-6.

So something big was coming, some speculated that it could be the newest generation of iPad, but most thought it would be the Verizon iPhone. Now that the announcement is coming from Verizon that pretty much ensures it's the iPhone. If it was an iPad Steve Jobs would never let someone else present it to the world. The only reason he would let Verizon take the lead is with what is essentially a 6 month old product like the iPhone 4. So it can't be the iPhone 5 or one that could use LTE, that's big news that Apple would announce itself.

And the WSJ has definitively said it IS the iPhone, they apparently have a good source.

I'm going to pre-order the very second
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