Monday, December 18, 2006

Keith Olbermann

Just watched his show tonight and he replayed 4 of his special commentaries. Man, is that powerful to hear four of them in a row like that. He has become our modern day Edward R. Murrow pretty much by default, because none of his colleagues, the so-called news media who prefer to spend their time on whether Angelina will marry Brad instead of talking about what really matters and informing us on what we need to know in order to have a democracy.

They inform us on nothing, they bring in a spokesman from each side and let them have their say without comment. One of them could be lying through their teeth but the news people don't tell us that but present the most outrageous lies as if it was truth, and as if facts were a matter of opinion. It didn't use to be this way, the news people would not let someone get away with lies like that. Only Olbermann does not do this but informs us of what the facts really are, not the spin.

Here all of his commentaries can be found - Countdown - in full glory. They can be read or you can watch the video's. Here's my favorite quote:

"Mr. President, these new lies go to the heart of what it is that you truly wish to preserve.

It is not our freedom, nor our country—your actions against the Constitution give irrefutable proof of that.

You want to preserve a political party’s power. And obviously you’ll sell this country out, to do it."

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Village Green said...

Olberman is the only talking news head worth watching other than Jon Stewart and Stephan Colbert!