Monday, December 4, 2006

The Third Beginning

I approached blogging the way I do most things, I completely ignored it and thought it a waste of time. Then, one day I started checking out Blogger and jumped right in to creating a blog. I learn best by doing. I originally intended just a business blog - Bear Byte Graphics - but then I put my cats and grandkids on it. Didn't seem right so I started a second blog called - Here In The Future - for me to spout off on philosophical issues, or whatever I felt like. I liked this but still not right so this is my third blog which I will keep as my main blog. So I moved the cats and grandkids over to here so Bear Byte Graphics can remain strictly for business. Here In The Future will remain for long diatribes, with links to new post here, but this will be where I post most often.

In the links on the right are web pages of my comic coloring, cats, grandkids, other blogs and for any upcoming books, movies or TV shows I like.

This is a very small Cead with a big yawn. Pronounced Cade, her name is Gaelic for The First, because she was the adventurous one. The other cat is Aki, which means Fall in Japanese, because she looks like Fall colors. The World's Greatest Cat, Nikko, died 3 years ago and we got these two 2 weeks later. We had had Nikko for 17 years only to have her die of cancer, but she had a long and happy cat-life. It's unfortunate that these two have such a hard act to follow, but we often think about how they don't measure up to Nikko. We don't tell, them, though, so they won't feel bad. They are three years old now, littermates who have never been apart a day in their lives. It's amusing how like human sisters they can be, fighting hard enough to make one of them squeak one day, then curled up on the bed like the best of buds the next day.

I've always loved cats but could never be near them because of severe allergies. Darcy told me if we get a kitten I'll adjust to it as it matures, so we wound up with Nikko. I sneezed and took lots of Vitamin C and Alka Seltzer Plus for 3 months when all symptoms suddenly disappeared. I have not been allergic to any cat since, however when I got an allergy test a couple years ago cats still showed as my biggest allergy by far. I don't know what that means except now it feels strange not to have a little cat following me around the house. Check out my links for a small photo album of the cats.

The one with the helmet is Ally, the one with the cookie crumbs is Maddie. I did what the bumper sticker said "If I knew grandkids were so much fun I'd have had them first." I did this by having no kids but married a woman with 2 boys, both over 18 when Darcy and I first moved in together 20 years ago. Those boys ended up having kids and I'm now their grandparent, a step one perhaps but they don't know that. To them I am just Grandbear. Bear has been my nickname ever since Darcy and I got together, that's the reason the business is called Bear Byte Graphics and why I became Grandbear. Darcy also coined that one and she's Grandarcy. There's also a link for them on the right for a small photo album.

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