Friday, February 23, 2007



That's the headline from a conservative Christian organization that sees Hillary as pure evil.

After reading 2 Alternet articles on Hillary the Hawk (Hillary’s Calculations Add Up to War & Clinton To Anti-War Voters: Bring It On) I'm rooting for them, I just don't like her. The ideal situation would be these guys spend all their money attacking Hillary so she loses the primary, Obama stumbles along the way due to inexperience and John Edwards takes the Democratic nomination!! And the opposition is broke
and tired after trashing Hillary.

Remember, you heard it here first. Edwards was the man I wanted in
2004, running neck and neck with Wesley Clarke (Clarke would get my
vote today but he's too smart to run again, proving himself the best
man for the job). I like Edwards even more today than I did then, now
that I know more about him.

He's the only guy in the race really telling it like it is and not
feeding people what they want to hear, or what he thinks (or what his
handlers think) they want to hear. He was born into a very poor
family and worked his way up to being a multimillionaire lawyer,
mostly from class action suits, representing the little guy against
the corps, meaning he's a GOOD lawyer who hasn't gone to the dark
side. He lost a son and his wife just fought off breast cancer. This
means he's a guy who understands how most of America lives and knows
what very tough times are, and he's actually accomplished something,
having done everything on his own. He's the anti-Bush!! His polar

And best of all he's a white guy from the south, which I think gives
him the biggest appeal of all of them. I think Hillary and Barak are
only in the lead right now because the press only seems to cover them,
but as northern liberals (not to mention being female and black) I don't
think we would carry any southern state with either of them, but we
might get several with Edwards on the ticket. And Barak as VP!!

I really hate it that even today, here in the 21st century, a black man or a woman cannot get elected president. I almost hope I am wrong and one of them does get elected, but I really like Edwards best.

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