Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Oscars

I love the Oscars and this year all my favorite people won but I forgot they were on and only saw the last hour or so of it, damn, I usually watch the entire thing and Darcy puts up with it. Also, this was a year where I didn't see ANY of the movies, very disappointing. Unfortunately Darcy has just been too sick most of the year.

I love that Al Gore's movie won, now if only he'd run for president.
I was also really pleased to see Jennifer Hudson win for best supporting actress in “Dreamgirls”, talk about a dream come true. I don't watch American Idol but I do like the idea of an ordinary person getting a shot at stardom and Jennifer is the perfect example of that, and man, is she sexy!! Forget those skinny, bony models, I'll take a full figured woman any day.

Forest Whitaker is an actor I've liked for many years who has never gotten much recognition it seems, so it was great to see him win. And he seemed like it was quite an emotional moment for him, I hope he enjoys every minute of it. Helen Mirren is worthy of an Oscar as well, but the high point of the evening was Martin Scorsese, I was so happy to see him win. I thought he'd been robbed several times, especially losing with "Gangs of New York" to "Chicago." Chicago was fun but what the hell was the Academy high on THAT year? Most will say Scorsese's older movies were better, but I still think Gangs of New York was his best.

Of course, I can only talk about the people since I haven't seen the movies themselves, sigh. I'll probably see them all on DVD.

The Oscars

The Academy

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