Thursday, March 22, 2007


I finally saw the movie and it was far better than I thought it would be. Thought I knew a lot about global warming but he had lots of stuff in there I didn't know. The catch phrase on the movie poster is "The most terrifying movie you will ever see" and it certainly was. I was getting a stomach ache watching it, it's all much worse than I thought it was and I'd already been thinking it was too late to do anything, which seems even more true now.

Here I thought all we could blame Republicans for was enormous debt, a horrible war, corruption, the end of our civil rights, the world's worst health and school
systems and a vanishing middle class, but the truth is they've actually destroyed the planet. They are just plain evil and the rest of us, and our kids and grandkids, will have to pay the price for it.

Gore was great, if only this was the Al Gore we had seen during the election he might be president right now. He might have gotten so many votes the Pubs wouldn't have been able to steal the election, but no help for it now.
I'm still hoping he will step in and take the election away from everyone but I really have no sense of what he is going to do, I suspect he does know himself. He's probably watching everything to see if he can jump in or if it's better if he stays out. Frankly, I think he's too smart to run, and maybe it would be better to have him traveling the world and sounding the clarion call for everyone to act now, than it would for him to be president, where global warming is only one of many, many problems Bush has left for the next guy.

In the movie he quoted Winston Churchill: “Humanity is entering into a time of consequences.” I thought A Time of Consequences would have been a better name for the movie.

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