Thursday, March 22, 2007


I've always like Edwards, he was my choice in 2004 but the nomination was already sewn up by the time the primaries reached California. He's the guy I'd still vote for today.

My only problem with him is he appears weak whenever I see him on TV. Considering the things he's been through in his life there is no way he is weak, but in politics today appearance is more important than reality.

Today he announced his wife had her cancer return then talked about continuing the campaign and why they will continue. For the first time I saw real steel behind the pretty boy looks - I knew it had to be there. I sent him an email expressing my concern and telling him he needs to show that steel more often, like all the time, wouldn't hurt to look even a little scary. I hope he reads it and it strikes a cord, not likely but you never know.

Realistically, I'm sure I'm going to be voting for Obama in the main election but for a few moments I'd like to imagine something different.

Or how about Al Gore getting in the race and we end up with a Gore/Obama ticket, that would be the best of all world's. The facts are that this time we have too many good candidates while the Republicans have none. It's so bad even Fred Thompson thought he might have a chance. I like Hillary less than Gore, Edwards and Obama but she is still a better choice than Kerry was and I think she'd be 100 times better than Bush.

If Edwards was a Republican he'd be drawing up divorce papers right now and visiting his mistress (sound familiar, Newt?). I've always found it odd that the democrats are the ones who continually demonstrate serious family values but the Pubs keep voting for people who have been married 3 times and had several affairs.

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