Friday, May 18, 2007

Stanley Tucci

I've been a big fan of Stanley Tucci for a long time, he's one of the best actors around today (maybe I should start a 10 best actors list). So why do I look forward to him starring on ER with trepidation? Because with ER none of the people on it are big stars, the real star is the show itself. This is why, like Law & Order, the show can continue for years while all the people who star on it keep changing. I don't believe a single member of the original cast is still on the show.

The problem is that Tucci IS a big star and a big personality, the kind who needs his own show. ER can't become the Stanly Tucci Show, that just isn't what it is. So I feel bad that someone I like so much is doomed to failure, after another doctor show of his just went down the tubes not too long ago. And after John Leguizamo did his stint, which wasn't terrible, guys like Tucci and Leguizamo are never terrible, but it didn't really improve either his career or the show.

I haven't seen this week's show yet, it's safely recorded on DVR (one of the great inventions of modern times) so I will reserve judgment until I see it. Maybe he will mesh with the cast and be a great addition to the show and everyone involved will thrive. Last week's show didn't seem like that, though, it seemed like just what I was afraid of, he's just too strong a character. But maybe his presence will make everyone else step up their game a bit so he doesn't make them look bad and chew up every scene.

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