Saturday, September 1, 2007

Bomb, Bomb Iran . . .

. . . sung to the tune of the Beach Boys' Barbara Ann, from a classic moment of John McCain, making people wonder if he's lost it. But the tune keeps haunting me because I'm convinced Bush is planning a massive bombing attack on Iran in the very near future and no degree of sanity will stop him. He thinks he's King George and can do anything he wants and the congress has done nothing to disabuse him of this idea. Here is an article by Paul Craig Roberts, a former Reagan aide:
Bush is too self-righteous to see the dark humor in his denunciations of Iran for threatening "the security of nations everywhere" and of the Iraqi resistance for "a vision that rejects tolerance, crushes all dissent, and justifies the murder of innocent men, women, and children in the pursuit of political power." Those are precisely the words that most of the world applies to Bush and his Brownshirt administration. The Pew Foundation's world polls show that despite all the American and Israeli propaganda against Iran, the US and Israel are regarded as no less threats to world stability than demonized Iran.

More and more even conservatives are alarmed by Bush. Congress needs to start impeachment proceedings in order to prevent this disaster, which will be far worse than even Iraq has been, but the spineless democrats are unlikely to do it.

I do have hope in that Representative John Conyers says that even if impeachment is off Nancy Pelosi's table it is not off of his. If only that is true, or if it is true that the democratic leadership doesn't try to stop him.

Conyers has been an invisible hero for the last few years, opposing Bush and his administration but receiving little media coverage, trhe corporate media (mainstream media) is Bush's friend. But it's possible that Pelosi is secretly behind Conyers, it's a typical strategy, let someone else be the attack dog and bear the brunt of resistence. In other words, getting what you want without sticking your own neck out, typical political crap. Which makes Conyers' heroism that much more important, not many politicians will do what is right despite the risks.

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