Saturday, September 8, 2007

Larry Craig

I love this guy! As far as bad publicity for the Republicans we couldn't ask for a better guy, not only is he gay and refuses to admit it, got picked up by the cops and pleaded guilty, but he won't resign! The leaders of the GOP must be in a frenzy, only by tossing him out can they get him out of the news cycle, but he won't go. The last word on Friday is he WILL resign. I sure hope he un-resigns again, after all, he didn't leave right away but will stick around for a couple more weeks. Plenty of time for him to change his mind 2 or 3 times.

And to add to the irony, the Republican Presidential Convention next year is being held in Minneapolis. This means everyone going to it has to go through the same airport that Craig was arrested in. Oh, that should be fun. They should rename it the Larry Craig Memorial Airport, or maybe just the men's room; The Larry Craig Memorial Men's Room with a little plaque on the door and arrows pointing to it placed all over the airport. Oh, what fun.

And they can't drive there because the bridge is gone. All of which makes Minneapolis the perfect place for their convention since it sums up a large part of Republican rule nicely.

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