Thursday, October 4, 2007

A Tale of Religious Abuse

And excellent atheist blog is Atheist Revolution. I found his entry called "An Ode for Tony" to be particularly heartbreaking. There isn't much I can add to the story, best to just go and read it.

But beware, it might make you depressed, it sure did that to me. The insanity of religion just infuriates me sometimes, and the insanity of parents doing this to their son in the name of religion can only be depressing.


vjack said...

Thanks for the link. It made me feel sad to write it too. It was one of those strange things that I haven't thought about in years. All of the sudden, I couldn't stop thinking about it.

Off topic, I see you are a Mac user. I've been growing increasingly unhappy with the idea of having to get Vista when I buy a new computer in the next few months. This had made me give serious consideration to jumping to Mac. My concern is that they don't have anything between an iMac and Mac Pro, and I hate the idea of an all-in-one system (especially when there have been so many reports of screen problems on the new iMacs). What are you using, and are you happy with it?

KevinBBG said...

There definitely are problems with the iMac screens which I've talked about here
It also has links to 2 other articles I wrote on it. Because of these problems I bought the last generation of the white iMacs. Beautiful, matte high quality screens, I figured I had to buy one now since I didn't know if Apple was ever going to make matte screens again and the glossy ones are not good for graphic artists.
You might consider a Mac Mini. The new ones now have the Core 2 Duo chips in them and are very fast. Those chips are why I, as a graphics pro, decided I could go for an iMac instead of a Mac Pro.
The Mini is pretty good, just a little slower than an iMac, the limitation that kept me from getting one is the inability to use 2 monitors on it. But if you don't need that you can max it out with 3 GB of ram and have a nice little machine. A lot depends on what you want to use it for. Probably not great for gaming or high end 3-d graphics and video, but more than enough power for anything else, including 2-d graphics work.
I didn't like going to an all-in-one setup either but felt the white iMacs were just too good a buy. If glossy screens don't bother you, you might take a look at the new, aluminum 24" iMac. A very nice machine without most of the screen problems of the 20" with the higher quality 8 bit screens the 20" doesn't have.
Many Mac users have lamented the fact that there is no machine in between the Mini and the Pro, there is definitely a market for it.

KevinBBG said...

Just wanted to add you can go to Geekbench for speed ratings of the various Macs. the have one for Windows PC too if you want to compare: