Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Young People Rejecting Christianity

I found this great blog article through Alternet, all about how young people - those under 30 - feel about Christians. Apparently you can't be obnoxious for decades without some kind of backlash, most do not look favorably on Christians, even the ones who are Christian themselves:
This study is prompting quite a bit of soul-searching among Evangelicals. Some feel this study verifies things they've long suspected; others are just stunned. Maybe it's the way everybody's always ignored their persistent conversion efforts -- they just got so used to being tuned out by the mainstream culture that it never occurred to them that anyone might ever take anything they said seriously. And now, they're genuinely surprised to find out that yes, we were listening -- and yes, we did take it all very much to heart. And, furthermore, what we've heard has deeply damaged our opinion of them.
All they've been spouting for years now is hatred and criticism and they are shocked that people find that distasteful? And note that this study is from Barna, a Fundamentalist organization. Here's more:
-- The long-term trend toward a less Christian nation is probably good news for liberalism in general. If there are comparatively fewer Christians, there will be more people of other faiths -- though other Barna studies have found that the biggest gains of all are being made among atheist and agnostic free-thinkers, who are also the most likely to be political liberals. This, in turn, bodes well for the various scientific fields that have come under attack by the religious right; and it opens the way for Christians and non-Christians to find some fresh common ground on issues like social justice and the environment as the religious leadership changes.
The biggest gains are being made among atheist and agnostic free-thinkers. Heh heh. I've long said that the most potent force for creating atheists is the bible, someone has to be brain dead to read the whole thing all the way through and not see something is seriously wrong. But it is looking as if the most potent force for creating atheists is Christians themselves. And it all bodes well for science and liberalism - AHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH!!

I must have died and gone to heaven.

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Village Green said...

Great find, Kevin! Thanks for sharing it -- definitely some positive news which we sorely need these days.