Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Second Debate

I have one word for it - Booooorringggg. If you saw the first debate you pretty much saw the second one, almost word for word. McCain even said the same lies about Obama's tax and medical coverage plans and Obama corrected him in exactly the same way.

McCain tried to be a little more friendly, actually shook Obama's hand and smiled at him. If he made weird old-man faces while Obama was talking I didn't see them because the camera never focused on McCain during those times. What I did notice was McCain wheezing and making other weird old-man noises while he was talking. I can only assume the standing and moving around was a bit hard on him. He was all hunched over and looked really - well - old.

It came down to pretty much the same thing - Obama looked calm, cool and presidential, McCain looked like an annoyed and annoying little old man. The kind that yells at the neighborhood kids when they play on his lawn. Obama was playing on his lawn and he was pissed, called Obama "That one." Sorry old man, time for the next generation to take over. You aren't even the last generation, you are the one before the last one.

Rachel Maddow had an interesting comment, she said Obama won by acting as if McCain wasn't even there. Good one.

Update: Pat Buchanon had a good comment tonight, he said that McCain keeps painting Obama as this scary, radical, liberal, Muslim, but at every one of these debates when 50 million viewers see him, some for the first time, they don't see someone scary. They see a self possessed, cool and calm , intelligent guy, nearly regal in his manner and mien. Which completely undermines McCain's last ditch effort.


Anonymous said...


Oh man, I sooo noticed that... I'm surprised none of the news organizations have picked up on that yet.


KevinBBG said...

Keith Olbermann said McCain didn't look well but didn't go any further.

I think if they mention his wheezing the media are all afraid of being called biased.

Everyone IS biased, human brains require a bias as the structure for thought, we can't think without a context. What happens when media figures bend over backwards to make it look like they aren't biased is they end up acting like they ARE biased for the Republican.

That's part of why Bush won both elections, all of the mainstream media was afraid of saying anything negative about him. Those who are biased towards the Republican seem to have no problem showing that bias.

I much prefer Olbermann or Rachel Maddow, because they don't hide their biases we get a more honest look at the news.