Thursday, October 2, 2008

Veep Debate

Joe Biden was the winner by a HUGE margin, but Sarah Palin did much better than I expected. This was a better format for her, no pesky reporter asking follow up questions and wanting details and actual knowledge, or any other annoying stuff like that.

I got the feeling she was a little windup toy inserted with prerecorded messages, each programmed to go off at the right moment. Any info outside of of those recordings and she would change the subject. No substance to any of what she said, and because she didn't really understand what she was saying she managed to contradict herself a number of times without even realizing it.

And pretty much everything she said was a lie but one can be a very convincing liar when she doesn't know she actually is lying. She's just spouting the talking points she was fed and assumes they didn't program her with lies.

Biden played it a little too low key at first. I think everyone had been telling him he had to take it easy on her or they would get upset at him mistreating a poor, little woman and he over did it. Of course, no one warned him he'd be facing a pit bull with lipstick. Palin went on the attack from the beginning and didn't stop for a breathe until the end.

As the debate went on Biden got angrier and sharper in his answers. I think the attack mode and the constant, blatant lying really got to him.

One really good moment when Joe was talking about his kids, his 2 boys who were badly hurt in the accident that killed his wife and daughter 30 years ago. He said he knew what being a single parent was, and choked up a bit. Very real. And Palin, cold hearted bitch that she was, didn't even acknowledge that bit of emotion and didn't respond to it for even a second.

The polls taken right afterward had Biden winning by a two to one margin. All of Palin's approval numbers improved, but all of Biden's improved by the same amount and he started out WAY higher than she did. Ability to become president on day one if necessary for Biden went from 73% to 94%. For Palin it went from 36% to 55%. Nuff said.


Anonymous said...

Sarah sure spit out a lot of words, but much of the time they made no sense. She'd get to the end of a sentence, and I had absolutely no idea what the gist was of what she had just said. It was like she just fired a scatter-shot of words until she ran out of breath.

KevinBBG said...

That's because she was just programmed and didn't understand most of what she was talking about. This gave her a lot of contradictions. My favorite was her talking about regulating those crooks on Wall St. to within an inch of their lives then her next sentence was how government would step back and get out of the way of people's, and the private sectors, lives

Anonymous said...

Over the past few elections (maybe as far back as 1980), Republicans have done a good job of lowering expectations for their candidates' performances in debates. As long as their guy (or gal, in this case) does not rotate their head 360 degrees, spew acid and tell the world to worship Satan, then they are a rousing success.