Monday, May 25, 2009

Bacon and Eggs

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I had bacon and eggs for lunch at a coffee shop today. Such a simple thing yet filled with hidden meaning. I don’t think I’ve had them for over a year and it was the first time I’ve eaten alone in I don’t know how long, might actually be since Darcy and I first started dating in 1985. I might have eaten alone at a convention somewhere over the years but every time I can think of I was with someone. Hardly ever went to a convention alone and if I did I’d usually meet someone I knew there to eat with.

I used to eat alone a lot BD (Before Darcy), I liked eating out but didn’t always want company. I used to love to bring a book with me and have a little quiet time reading while waiting for the food and after finishing. This time I brought my book on my iPod Touch, which is absolutely perfect for that! Easy to carry and I could read while eating. Need to turn the page but hands are greasy? Just need a pinkie finger to swipe the screen, simple as could be.

It’s a good thing I’m easily amused because after a week and half with a really bad flu I’ve been really miserable. Mostly over it but the nasal and lung congestion just wants to linger on for what feels like forever, but today was the best I’ve felt in quite a while. But I think I need some Mucinex and some hot tea with honey and lemon. I don’t know what it is but that drink works wonders for the throat. And it’s got to be those three things, miss any one and it just isn’t right. The lemon is the key to it, I think.

And I must be feeling better to want to write in my blog. Well, I’ve wanted to, because I never lack something to say or the desire to say it, but I was too depressed to get started since Darcy died. Guess I have to learn how to create a life AD (After Darcy).
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