Sunday, May 31, 2009

Remembering Darcy

The worst part of moving is going through our tons of stuff, or I should say Darcy’s tons of stuff since 90% of it hers. It’s also bittersweet, I keep coming upon things like old photos that make me stop and look and sometimes cry a little.

I found one that was an odd black & white photo but when I turned it over there was a message on the back written to me. At this point I start to remember it. My memory is so bad now I’m actually losing my past. Her note really got to me, written in a bold, black marker in her terrible handwriting and covering the whole back of the photo:
Kevin, My Darling Bear, I am so proud of you, congratulations on your first cover . . . I finally went into a darkroom today, and for that I thank you more than you know . . .Remember that I love you always & that I believe in you, look back at how much you’ve grown this last year, and you will too . . .I really do love you so much Kevin, so now I am going to go upstairs & slip my hand into yours. (where it belongs!) and fall asleep, until your sleepy tousled face kisses me awake in the morning Happy Valentines Darcy
She was always bad with punctuation but at least she put in capitals this time. I don’t know what year it was but the cover reference referred to a painted cover I did for a magazine so it has to be 1987 or 88. There were so many things she wanted to do, like photography and writing, but had no confidence in herself to do them. I tried to encourage her and she actually signed up for a class and only went to a few classes, but she did get to use the darkroom and make some pictures.

She also took along her very expensive camera when we eloped to Scotland and photographed the whole adventure. Flying into Glascow, renting a car to drive to Edinborough where we got married, then traveled through England and down to Paris, where we flew back from. Truly a great trip and some great photos to cover it.

I still love the story of Darcy talking to the Justice of the Peace in Edinborough over the phone while we were planning it. She called it Edinburgh and he said in his Scottish brogue: “Ah lass! I canna marry ya if ya canna pronounce it - it’s EdinbuRAH!”

She got sick soon after that and didn't do much photography, her hands were shaking too much.
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Doc said...

A beautiful story, Kevin.

Susan said...

Fortunately, I needed a good cry today.

Hugs to you, Kevin.


KevinBBG said...

Thanks Susan and Doc. I still miss her a lot but it will really help to move, which I have to do by the end of the month.

Every day I come across something that I wish I could tell Darcy about or that she would like to see.