Thursday, June 5, 2008

Clinton disavows VP pressure

Obama and Hillary were said to have met for a discussion tonight but no one knows exactly what was talked about, according to this article on MSNBC. Several of her supporters have been talking publicly about getting petitions signed to make her the VP candidate, in other words, force her down Obama's throat.

In what seems like a rare bit of political savvy from someone who has shown little of it in the last few months, Hillary has totally backed off and thrown full support behind Obama and told her supporters to lay off with the VP pressure, that the decision is Obama's alone.

In an e-mail to supporters, the New York senator said she "will be speaking on Saturday about how together we can rally the party behind Senator Obama. The stakes are too high and the task before us too important to do otherwise."

Clinton expressed the same sentiment in a conference call with 40 members of her national finance committee, whom she urged to begin raising money for Obama and for the Democratic National Committee.

"She was in good spirits and totally supportive, without qualification, of Senator Obama and his campaign," finance co-chairman Alan Patricof said of the call.

In her speech last Tuesday she seemed like she was trying to force Obama to take her on as VP, which was the one thing she could do to make sure he couldn't take her on if he wanted to (which he probably doesn't). He can't look like she forced him to do it, he can't make her VP if it makes him look weak, which is part of the incredible lack of savvy she seems to have displayed lately.

But she appears to have gotten her groove back and is on track and doing the right things. Pretty amazing when she even talks about raising money for Obama. If she throws her full support behind him without reservations then I think most of those angry, middle-aged white-women will vote for him even though they have said they won't. They've been calling in to all the radio talk shows the past 2 days very angry and swearing they will never, NEVER voted for Obama, but when the host asks what, exactly, Obama has done that is so bad it throws them for a second. Then they go on to complain about how badly Hillary has been treated. Many of them talking about things they've read on the blogoshpere that were insulting to her. But not one even tried to come up with something Obama himself had actually done that was so bad, or even at all bad. But the answer is obvious, he had the nerve to beat Hillary.

Sorry, ladies, he did it fair and square. He's a young, skinny guy who came out of nowhere to take on the Clinton Political Machine, and did it with absolute brilliance and succeeded. If he can do that as president we are really going to see something.

As far as VP the best I can think of is John Edwards, but after him I can't think of anyone who has the political weight to be on the ticket except for Hillary. I wonder if Obama will reach that conclusion as well. Probably not since there is the massive baggage she carries named Bill. Ed Schultz said one of his Washington connections told him that ever since Bill left office they've had to keep a close eye on him to make sure he doesn't get into trouble, especially in hotel rooms. Then there is the fact that he doesn't want any info given out on who has contributed to his library and how much. Which would need to come out in the vetting process.

So my guess is Ted Strickland, Governor of Ohio will be the Veep. He brings in the one thing no one else can - OHIO!

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