Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Is It Over #3?

The simple answer is yes, it's over, Obama has the nomination. But Hillary did not concede and did not congratulate Obama on his win. At this point it doesn't matter what she does, Obama is the nominee and she is kind of irrelevant.

But let's take a moment and contemplate what has happened; a black man has won the nomination of the democratic party for President of the United States. This is truly historical, history unfolding before our very eyes. I would love to be able to go back in time and ask Lincoln and Jefferson for their opinions.

One pundit says his sources tell him that Hillary wants to be VP and that is the reason for all this. Another pundit says his sources tell him she doesn't want to be VP and Obama doesn't want to give it to her, and in fact will only offer it if he has assurances she will decline. They are supposed to be having a meeting tomorrow but I wonder how long until we know what happens.

My guess is she doesn't want to be VP and Obama doesn't want her to be. The question is what does she want? She's a power broker and she's come all this way because she wants something, a cabinet position? Secretary of State? Health Care czar? Does she just want the satisfaction of Obama asking for her help in giving him her votes in the general election? She still has lots of pull with women over 50 (who have become crazed maniacs over this), Hispanics and uneducated white workers. I think if she campaigns for Obama with the same determination that she campaigned for herself he's got the election sewn up. Best to leave Bill at home, though.

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