Saturday, June 7, 2008


Keith Olbermann has this little photo he puts on the screen whenever he talks about McCain. Yeah, that's it to the left. Some intrepid graphic artist fired up Photoshop and opened photos of both McCain and Bush then took Bush's features and placed them on McCain's head. He (or she) was probably laughing hysterically while doing it then called over the rest of the art department to look at it and they all laughed and did critiques. Like the fact that it's funny as hell and more than a little creepy. Since I happen to BE an intrepid graphic artist I know exactly how it goes. He might not even have meant it to be used for Countdown, he was just being funny (graphic artist are VERY funny people). Then it got passed around the office and made it's way to Keith who immediately said he had to use this and named it McBush. I don't know anyone over at MSNBC so I don't know how it really happened but this is the most likely scenario.

But however this came about it was brilliant. Let's be perfectly clear, McCain is just Bush in an older and less stable package (less stable via age and temper). I suspect he isn't even as smart as Bush is (I was never one of those who thought Bush a dummy). And he is pandering to the right wing base by flipping on every issue he ever believed in. He was once against those outrageous tax cuts for the rich, now he is all for them. He said long ago that Bush completely screwed up Iraq and now he wants to screw it up some more in exactly the same ways. He spoke out against torture now he is all for it.

One TV pundit had an interesting remark, that the McCain of 2000 would not vote for the McCain of 2008, just like the fact that McCain didn't vote for Bush in 2000 and admitted it when it thought he wasn't being listened to. In other words he doesn't care about anything except being president.

And let's also be clear that Bush is not an idiot or a screw up, all these bad things that have happened in the last 8 years are not a result of incompetence, this is the full result of the Republican agenda, the past 28 years of effort reaching full fruition. This is why Bush is very well loved by the hard core of the party - mainly the rich guys.

Iraq happened because they WANT the price of oil to be over $100 per barrel. Our military is staying there because the Iraqis are being really stubborn and won't pass the laws we want that will allow American oil companies to steal their oil. How many millions do you think Cheney has made from his Halliburton stock? He never sold it, it was just put into a blind trust so he couldn't do anything with it while VP, but when he leaves office it's all his again. And the answer is roughly $40 million.

Katrina happened because they don't really care. The poor are just abstract ideas to the rich elite, not real people. And most of them are black anyway, right? Look at Barbara Bush saying in a rescue shelter in Texas that this is working for them because they are poor anyway, her voice dripping with contempt and even humor over it all.

The economy is right on schedule too because the entire purpose of Bush's economic plans (remember Bush Sr. calling Reagan's economic ideas Voodoo economics?) was to funnel money from the poor and middle class up to the rich so they can get richer. Since 1960 the income of the top 1% of this country has increased by 1800% while the middle class has lost about 6%.

Does all this seem too incredible, too horrible even? You have to understand the very rigid ideology of the Neocons, and rest assured they are not conservatives or even Republicans, they are Neocons who have taken over the party. They believe that the majority of people are not even fit to vote, let alone rule, and who are the elite? The rich people. They don't even want the middle class to have too much power at all, that is why they have been destroying unions and causing vast economic woes among them so they will be too busy with too many problems to march in the streets like they did in the 60's.

And they think government is evil and should be made small enough to be drowned in a bath tub. Since government doesn't work what incentive do they have to make it work right? For them it is only a means to get more money to the rich, who deserve it because they are rich. Don't have health insurance? They think you don't deserve to live if you can't afford health insurance, or are at least indifferent to whether you live or not. This is why New Orleans has still not been rebuilt, because most of the money is disappearing in the coffers of companies like Halliburton and not actually being used for what it was meant for. We rebuilt all of Europe faster and cheaper than we are rebuilding The Big Easy.

So the choice is easy in November. If you want the rich to get richer, if you want continuous warfare so the rich get richer, if you want health insurance to stay the way it is so the rich can get richer, if you want the middle class to disappear so the rich can get richer, then vote for McBush.

If you have even an ounce of decency and fairness within you vote for Obama.

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