Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Hillary To Concede

Keith Olbermann's lead story was Breaking News where he didn't even ask which of these stories will we be talking about tomorrow, he just went right in to the fact that Hillary will be conceding on Friday and endorsing Obama. Whew, at last.

Apparently, all the people she thought were supporting her in Washington called her up (literally a conference call with about 2 dozen congressmen) and said What the hell are you doing??! They convinced her she needed to give it up if she hoped to have a career after this.

It's thought she really does want to be VP but then heard that Obama's people would insist on a full vetting of any candidate, even her. And they especially wanted to know who was making donations to Bill's library, that's when she decided she didn't REALLY want to be VP after all.

I saw this after just hearing Rachel Maddow and her political mentor David Bender talk about how Hillary had just blown any chance of being VP with her speech last night. She pretty much took the 18 million people who voted for her and tried to beat Obama over the head with them, thinking to force the VP position from him. But David said that was the one thing that would make sure Obama would not make her VP because it would look like she forced him into it.

She misread Obama, thought he was weak, and misread her top level supporters who were horrified by her speech last night. Turns out some of her top advisors were on the phones to the congress people begging them to talk her down. They all just wanted it to end. Everyone says she's a shrewd politician but it sure doesn't look that way to me, she pretty much misread everyone and made all the wrong moves and people had to come in and stop her, it had gotten so bad. I sure wish I could have been in on the conference call.

But Hillary is now out of the race and VERY unlikely to be the VP candidate. Obama made it sound like he wanted to take his time in this choice so we just have to be patient. My choice is John Edwards, but then he was my first choice for president too, and was in 2004 as well. I kind of like Jim Webb but he's a bit conservative and inexperienced and Obama can probably take Virginia by himself anyway. My guess would be the governor of Ohio, Ted Strickland, because Ohio will be a very important swing state. Bill Richardson wouldn't be bad, I think that would bring all the Hispanics over to Obama but is it too non-white a ticket? Is America ready for that yet? I'd sure as hell vote for them.

But Richardson would also make a good Secretary of State, and Edwards a good Attorney General. All Gore as the Energy Secretary charged with developing viable alternatives to gas and oil, Hillary as the Heath Care Czar. Talk about a dream ticket.

After all these years of Bush and his evil cadre I'm starting to have wet dreams about liberal Democrats.

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