Monday, March 10, 2008

Flock It!

I'm trying out a new web browser called Flock. I first looked at it months ago and thought it had potential but was not ready for prime time yet. When I discovered they had a new update I downloaded it again and it is much improved. Seems to be incredibly fast, especially in Gmail, and it works very nicely with Photobucket. I'm using their blog editor to write this to see how it turns out. Seems a bit picky in many ways but using Blogger itself works far better on Flock anyway even if their blog editor doesn't work well.

Really, there seems to be little advantage to using the blog editor instead of Blogger. And as far as being social on the web, I'm not, but I do have Gmail, Photobucket and Blogger and Flock seems to work quite well with them. More user friendly for these services than other browsers and the most important part is it's faster everywhere than Safari. Time will tell if I keep using it but I like it so far.
Blogged with the Flock Browser

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KevinBBG said...

The blog editor worked. Seemed faster than using Bloggers editor. It was a bit touchy at first but it seems all that is needed is to type out the message first then add the picture. When I put the picture in first it really screwed up the fonts.