Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Nightmare Girl Comic

My big graphic novel project is starting to take shape with the first 13 pages done. I've set up a Web Gallery using iPhoto 08, first time I've used it and it's great. Down at the bottom of the web page there are various settings for how to view the thumbnails so everyone can use what they like best. Carousel let's you flip through it like you would flip through album covers in iTunes, very cool.

Then there is the head of the project, Jimmy Leigh's MySpace page, which will have artwork show up occasionally. And, of course, there is the main Nightmare Girl and Dark Matter Comics web page
where he is going to set up a Flash flip book for the pages.

I'm really having fun with this. Once we get into her nightmare world I get the chance to really let loose and do all kinds of fun stuff. And Jimmy and Duval put in a lot of single panel pages which is the colorist's best friend. Allows us to really go into detail and do some nice rendering.

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