Friday, March 21, 2008

Richardson Endorses Obama

Bill Richardson endorsed Barack Obama today for president. This is very significant for several reasons, he knows Obama from the time both were on the candidate trail, and he is close personal friends with Bill and Hillary. He was even in Bill's Cabinet, and Bill went to Richardson's house to watch the Super Bowl with him. So for him to choose Obama is really saying something.

The most important part of Richardson's speech was his call to stop the bitter fighting amongst ourselves. This can only be a call for Hillary to step down - now, if not sooner. The fact is, and the media isn't reporting it much, that it's just about impossible for Hillary to win. Neither candidate can get the total number needed to nail the nomination, but Obama is going to reach the Convention with more delegates and the greater popular vote. The only way Hillary can win is to convince the Super Delegates to totally ignore the popular vote of the democratic party and go with her instead. This will be a disaster for the party and might cost us the election. The problem is the Clintons have enough power they have a chance of pulling that off, although some of that power seems to be slipping, if they don't stop now they might not have much left by the time this is all over.

Bill Richardson is one of those Super Delegates so his endorsement today is a call to the other SD's that it is OK to make a decision now and that one can survive going against the Clintons. I hope enough heed the message and side with Obama. Richardson was said to be on the short list for Hillary's VP, so taking this step leaves him out in the cold and is a clear sign of the depth of his conviction. This was not a power play, he truly believes Obama will make the better president.

Of course he could be Obama's VP, wouldn't that be something? A black man and a Hispanic on the same ticket, that would certainly be historic, especially if they win. It could work out well, Richardson could help them pull out wins in Texas and Florida which would give them the win for sure. Is America too bigoted to elect such a ticket? I really don't know but I hope not.

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