Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Junior Super Tuesday

I voted for Hillary on Super Tuesday but as time goes on I'm leaning more and more to Obama. I think if I were voting today it would be for him, she's really been pissing me off the last week or so.

She has really gotten dirty in her tactics; for instance, she said she has experience and McCain has experience but Obama has a speech (she claims his entire campaign is based on his speech at the 2004 Convention). That is just plain stupid because if Obama takes the nomination McCain can now use this against him. She sounds like she moved over to the pubs camp on that one.

The one that pisses me off the most is her ambiguous answer on 60 Minutes when asked if she thought Obama was a Muslim. All she said was she didn't "believe" he was and didn't know of any evidence that supported that. She purposely left it open so those who think so can say "See, even Hillary doesn't know for sure, she just believes he isn't." The honorable thing to do would have been to say she knows he is a Christian and that she also knows that the rumor is a right wing attack campaign, the very kind aimed against her many times.

I was hoping she would take the high road but she didn't and I think less of her for it. Some things are more important than winning. That's where I have to hand it to Edwards for pulling out when he did. He knew he wasn't going to win so he bowed out so he wouldn't be the spoiler, so it would be a fair fight between the front runners. I hope Obama picks Edwards as his VP, or at least Attorney General. A fiery fighter is just what's needed to clean up the horrible mess in the justice dept.

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