Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Got Hoyle?

Sometimes the simple pleasures are the best. I've long ago developed the knack of enjoying the little things enormously, even when the big things are really, really bad (and they have been for a long time now). One of those things is my new Hoyle Card Games. It used to be one of our favorite games, we had a very old CD of it and it ran in Mac Classic on my OSX machine. The one I loved most was Pinochle, and do you know that no one makes a decent Pinochle game other than Hoyle? Hearts was the other one I would play a lot.

But . . . when I bought my new Intel iMac it was no longer able to to run Mac Classic, so all my old apps became unusable. Most of them I didn't much care about - except for Hoyle Card Games - and it seems they never made an OSX version of it, which I simply didn't understand. But nothing to be done, Pinochle was gone forever.

Then, just yesterday I followed a few web links and discovered that Hoyle just came out with Hoyle Card Games 2008 just a few days ago. I downloaded it and played a few games and sure enough, it's my old pal and buddy come back to life, the same interface and everything! It is not only OSX but fully Universal for Intel Macs.

And then there is Hoyle Board Games, just a huge collection of board games to play with, my favorite was Battleship. And the CD even had Backgammon for Palm OS that I've been playing for years now. They updated that one to Universal as well. I didn't play it very much but it was Darcy's favorite. Unfortunately she's been too weak to even come down the hall and sit in front of the computer these days (one of those BIG things) but maybe this will be incentive for her to work a little harder to regain her strength.

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