Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Browser Wars

A while back I downloaded a browser called Flock.  I had looked at it before but thought it needed some work, with version 1.1 it got pretty good and was very fun to use.  Then, just days later Safari came out with a new update that was incredibly fast, and days after that Firefox came out with version 3 im beta, also very fast.

And then there is AOL Desktop for Mac which seems to be Firefox with a special interface for using AOL to make navigation better.  Then there are other problems like the fact that Gmail does not work in Mac Mail so I tried Thunderbird where it did work pretty well.  Flock is supposed to have support for Gmail and works OK.

All of these are very cool in some ways but after a few weeks of use it comes down to the fact that Safari is by far the fastest and most stable of them all.  AOL, Gmail and everything else still works faster in Safari than the special programs build just for them.  But it has one drawback, I can't do blogging on Blogger with it so I need Flock for that.

It sure would be nice to have one browser for everything, I don't like having 4 or 5 applications open to handle the internet.  For now I'll make Safari my main browser with Mail for all email except Gmail, then just open Flock to do blog entries.  Maybe when Firefox 3 comes out of beta and Flock does an upgrade based on it that will do the job.

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